kvCORE Complete Setup & Lead Generation

kvCORE Complete Setup & Lead Generation

kvCORE Complete Setup & Lead Generation

$399 USD (Lifetime Access)

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Course is here! This 5-module course will teach you how to effectively use your smart CRM, kvCORE Platform to grow and scale your real estate business.


The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Course is officially here!
Enroll in our comprehensive 5-module course, complete with over 70 pre-recorded videos, build with the flexibility to follow along at your own pace and track your progress, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to maximize your lead generation, conversion, and overall success in the industry.

This is like no other kvCORE training in the market!
You will learn actionable marketing strategies to leverage this powerful real estate technology to generate, nurture, and convert leads–beyond the technical “how to”. This is a strategy-based course, not just another tutorial on how kvCORE works.

You’ll be equipped with an everyday usage strategy to integrate into your existing system as a part of your daily workflow. kvCORE is a complete tech ecosystem to put your business growth on autopilot.


  • Meet your instructor
  • Course breakdown
  • Words of wisdom

Module 1 – kvCORE Smart CRM Overview
Step-by-step tutorials on how to effectively navigate the kvCORE Platform, as well as the initial setup needed to use this platform as a part of your daily workflow.

  • What is a CRM & why is it important?
  • What is kvCORE Platform?
  • What makes kvCORE Platform smart?
  • How to effectively use kvCORE?
  • kvCORE Platform navigation (overview)
  • kvCORE mobile app overview
  • IDX website setup
  • Adding contacts
  • Dashboard
  • Smart CRM
  • Smart number
  • Custom text code
  • Marketing tips for using smart number & custom text codes
  • Integration (systems & processes)
  • BONUS download
    • Custom text codes campaign copy

Module 2 – Building Your Database | Free Lead Generation & Nurturing Strategies
Learn actionable strategies to leverage built-in lead engine tools to drive traffic to your website through strategic lead magnets and marketing campaigns.

  • Landing pages
  • Marketing campaign ideas for landing page
  • Promoting landing pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • MLS listing
  • QR code
  • How to market your next listing (coming soon & just listed)
  • Engaging with your sphere of influence
  • BONUS download
    • Landing page campaign ideas & copy

Module 3 – Building Your Database | Paid Lead Generation & Nurturing Strategies
Take paid advertising to the next level. Learn how to automate your ads and funnel leads directly to your database to be nurtured.

  • CORE property boost
  • Property boost strategy
  • Facebook AI advertising & retargeting
  • Facebook business page linking
  • Google pay per click ads
  • BONUS download
    • Property boost checklist

Module 4 – Nurturing Automation | Smart Campaigns & Email Marketing
Learn how to automate your campaigns to nurture your contacts into clients and stay top of mind.

  • Search alerts
  • Smart campaigns
  • Birthday & anniversaries
  • Behavioral automation
  • CORE voicemail drop
  • Voicemail strategy
  • What is email marketing?
  • Scheduled mass email
  • Creating email templates
  • How to prevent emails from going to spam
  • Email campaign strategies
  • Monthly strategic follow-up plan
  • BONUS downloads
    • Email marketing checklist
    • Email templates
    • Monthly follow-up strategy
    • Voicemail script templates

Module 5 – Measuring & Continuous Learning for Success
Scale your growth through a deep analysis of your business. Learn how to access analytics and analyze them to grow and scale your real estate business.

  • Business analytics
  • Support & training
  • Additional support
  • Live training

Price per agent

Instructor: Tharmila Rajasingam (Official kvCORE Ambassador)